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-Izumimoto Eimi-


Blue Archive

¥19,800 - (tax included)

Sculptor : jarel

Painter : Emi Hoshina

Photo : Vaistar Studio

【Series】                  Blue Archive

【Product Name】      Eimi


【Release Date】        Sep. /2024

【Reservation period】 1/Dec. /2023

                  ~12/Feb. /2024

【Price】                ¥18,000 (Before Tax) 


【Category】              1/7 Scale


【Size】             (In the case of coloring samples, including the pedestal)
                                      Height : 275mm (top of HALO)  Width : 137mm  Depth : 120mm
                                      The product may shrink slightly during the manufacturing process.

【Specifications】      ABS&PVC complete product 

                    * Acrylic plate base is included.
           *The second image is an image. There are holes in the pedestal for installation.

             This image does not represent product specifications. Please note.

【Designer】                 POPQN

【Illustrator】                POPQN

【Sculptor】            jarel

【Paintwork】         Emi Hoshina

【Photo】                VaistarStudio


【Released by】        MIMEYOI inc.

【Distributed by】    Tokyo Figure Co., Ltd.

【affiliated company】CREAM Co., Ltd.

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