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Duke of York : Rerelease
-Prestige of the Glorious Formula


Azur Lane

¥31,350 - (tax included)

Sculptor : jarel

Painter : Nana Moriyama

Photo : Vaistar Studio

【Series】                  Azur Lane

【Product Name】      Duke of York  -Prestige of the Glorious Formula- 


【Release Date】        Dec. /2022

【Reservation period】 3/Jun. /2022

                  ~19/Jul. /2022

【Price】                ¥28,500 (Before Tax) 


【Category】              1/4 Scale


【Height】            Approximately 337mm  (including pedestal)

【Specifications】      ABS&PVC complete product 

                     * Acrylic plate base is included.
            * This product cannot remove bra parts.
            * All parts are fixed by gluing.
            * The photo is taken of a figure product,

                                           but there are some differences between products

                                           because the coloring process is a manual process for painting the product.

                                         Please consider it after acknowledging in advance.

【Sculptor】            jarel

【Paintwork】          Nana Moriyama

【Photo】                VaistarStudio


【Released by】        MIMEYOI inc.

【Distributed by】    Tokyo Figure Co., Ltd.

【affiliated company】CREAM Co., Ltd.

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