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-1♡th Merry Christmas !-



¥23,650 - (tax included)
0 - (tax included  TFed.)

Sculptor : Hihumi Hizumi

Painter : Ayumu Itukaichi

Photo : Vaistar Studio

【Series】                     SUPER SONICO

【Product Name】      SUPER SONICO  -10th Merry Christmas !-


【Release Date】        Dec. /2023

【Reservation period】 23/Dec. /2022


【Price】                 ¥21,500 (Tax included) (Normal edition)                                         

                                          ¥18,000 (Tax included) (Tokyo Figure limited edition)                                                                                       

                                          * TF edition is a limited distribution product.                                       

                                          (Tokyo Figuer   amiami  sofmap  T-BASE japan)


【Category】              1/7 Scale


【Size】             (In the case of coloring samples, including the pedestal)
            Height : 255mm (Normal)     Height : 250mm (TFed.)  
                                       Pedestal diameter  D:150mm  W:150mm
                                        The product may shrink slightly during the manufacturing process.

【Specifications】      ABS&PVC complete product 

                    * Acrylic plate base is included.

                                        The normal version has a detachable cloak.

                                        You can enjoy it even with light clothing by replacing the head.

【Sculptor】            Hihumi Hizumi

【Paintwork】         Ayumu Itukaichi

【Photo】                VaistarStudio


【Released by】        MIMEYOI inc.

【Distributed by】    Tokyo Figure Co., Ltd.

Reservation ☛

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